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Road Warrior (2017) 
2 - 4 Players   |   45 - 120 Minutes   |   Ages 14+
Design: David Wilson, Josh Cooley
Artwork: Anna Kay, David Wilson

Road Warrior takes players on the road with their very own touring band. Players will travel coast to coast playing shows, building a crew, and amassing fans on their journey to stardom.

Do you have what it takes to climb the charts and conquer the music scene?

In Road Warrior, players start the game by drafting their band members from a pool of near professionals. Based on some of your favorite rockstars, you will find yourself in good company. After assembling their ideal four-piece, they take their act to the road.

Each turn, players traverse a map of America playing shows and building fame. As they travel coast to coast, they will run into some snags along the way (such as bus breakdowns and cancelled shows), but if luck is on their side they will also encounter some great windfalls (like hit singles or magazine features). Players will find themselves challenging their opponents to turn the tides, but sometimes they must work together by swapping gigs or even touring together.

As the game progresses, players will be drawn around the map to cities that are craving shows, some even hosting huge festivals. Complete these festivals in exchange for big rewards, but beware, bigger wins also mean bigger losses. Failing shows no matter the size will increase the tension within your band, and if you don't keep it under control, it may just lead to your band's demise!

Eventually, each player will find that their growing band has reached a point where they need some help. They can hire a variety of skilled roadies including bus drivers, guitar techs, sound engineers and more.


  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 gameboard
  • 4 player pawns
  • 8 dice
  • 4 player mats
  • 1 point/level track
  • 4 player ring tokens
  • 36 player tokens
  • 16 assorted game tokens
  • 32 band member cards
  • 50 event cards
  • 40 city cards
  • 20 roadie cards